Matt Saincome

Co-Founder at The Hard Times
Co-Founder at Hard Drive

What I look for in a pitch

I read everything, but only get back when something piques my interest

Calls for submission

Comedy, Music respond
Long Format Satire
Word Length: n/a

I'd really like to experiment with some new editorial offerings. Satirical album reviews, "how to" guides, satirical advice columns, basically anything that isn't just AP style news, I want to see if we can come up with some interesting, repeatable new format for it.


The key is this: the headline still needs to be funny. (At least I think). Stuff like "The Hard Times Responds to: x" Might not work because it won't have the organic viral nature of our other posts. So hopefully we can combine a funny headline, with a long body article that keeps people entertained. 


If you have a purely satirical idea (not humor, not snarky, pure satire) please pitch me the headline and a few paragraphs of it, enough to show me what it will look like but not so much that I don't want to reach some gigantic mess of a pitch.

Comedy, Music respond
Hard Times Submission Packet
Word Length: n/a

Please pitch us a 5 headline packet. Every submission from OutVoice is read by our editorial team. If one of your headlines stand out, we get back to you to assign the headline and add you to the freelance team.